Monday, June 29, 2009

First Post!

Here goes nothin'...The 717 Family's first official blogspot post. We all figured it was finally time to step up from a measly myspace page. Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday's session. Everything is riding amazing and things are starting to come up fast after all the rain we've had the last month. Hopefully there will be much much more to come. Enjoy!

Finaly made it over the 4th Only. Third lip rebuild is a charm.

Floating the 3rd Only.

Fashion turning it down.

Ed showing us all how to boost the new hip.

Black Rob breaking in the new 4th set in the yet to be named straight line.

The 717 Deluxe setups.

The new Deluxe seat and the King of Beers.

J. Kim posing with his new ride.