Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Cruise

I love just getting on the bike and riding thru the city...hoping curbs, racing cars and just all together enjoying summer!!!!!!!!!!!!  Binns Park usually makes for a nice pit stop.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catty Anyone?

Road a little today but completely forgot to get any photos for the blog.  Muggy as shit out and these storms keep rolling in...just trying to get sessions in is a trick.  Considering a  possible Catty trip next weekend if the weather stops being a bitch and I can get some dudes to tag along.  Get at me if you wanna go.

Speaking of Catty...there is some footage from there in this sweet little video that's been popping up on the web...give this a view if you are one of those blog hoppers in need of some visual stimulation.

Steady Rollin- Trail Edit from TiogaBMX on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

These Weekends Keep Getting Better!

Yet another wicked weekend.  Road Qville park on Saturday for a while with Sam and Rob.  That place gets grossly under-utilized.  But what parks don't.  Kids seriously don't appreciate the shit they have.  I was ultra pumped over a kicker ramp in my driveway when I was 12.  Sunday Brett and Danny moved into my neighborhood which should be exciting.  I love when friends live close by for me to get mystical with.  Road some mid-afternoon street with a batch of dudes between moving.  Then we wrapped things up with riding our bikes to an absolutely incredible and FREE show at the Long's Park Amphitheater with Dawes!  The show was amazing and I bet the shit load of other people that showed up would agree.  I think even the band didn't realize that there would be such a turnout.  I didn't know that many people could even fit into that park.

I'm really wishing summer would never end!!!!!!!!!!!


The shitty fisheye makes for some fun photos sometimes...especially when Rob is ramping up the jawn


Couldn't be more excited that this asshole is moving into the hood!

I think half of these people were drinking booze...wish we had known so we could have packed some beverages!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another TSpoke Gem

Got another TurboSpoke video for the masses, this time from Mike's spot OFT.  Grip-it and Rip-it!!!!!!

Sunday York Sessions

HAPPY 7/17 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been really digging riding as much as I can.  Trying to take full advantage of the amazing weather...even if its hotter than hell I'll take this shit over winter any day!  Sunday we hit 3 spots in York, I'd say the longest drive is to Staley's place and that's maybe 20 minutes from the park.  We met bright and early at the park and started shredding by noon.  Day got super hot real fast.  Chugging water and killing it.  Then hit Mike Brown's wild spot right down the street.  If anyone remembers the Harley Trails back in the day, this spot is the reincarnation of that place for sure.  Tight and STEEEEEEEP!  Broke out the TurboSpoke (video coming soon haha), did a lot of sweating, and got shit talked on by Mike's son.  He's ruthless.  Snagged up some Roburrito after that, which if you've never had the priviledge of enjoying I recommend you do...its a staple in York.  Then it was off to The Boneyard.  After hitting that place for the jam a few weeks back I'm definitely a fan and had to show Kimmel what he missed out on.  He was stoked up as well and has vowed to make a return and not miss the next jam.

First photo has nothing to do with riding.  But HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and the future Mrs. Krofcheck.  Our boy Matt may not get his ass on his BMX bike much these days (his Deluxe doesn't even have wheels at this point) but we still love the son-of-a-bitch.  Best wishes and can't wait to help you celebrate!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Danny's Hyper Team Cut

Danny just dropped this new edit.  You'd almost think watching it that asshole knew how to ride.  Weird.
Sam did what he does and clipped this thing together.  Turned out tight...even made Vital homepage.  Take a gander.

Hyper Bike Co - Welcome to the Team / Dan Mentzer from Hothead Bmx on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heathen's Mountain Jam

Had an awesome time at the Heathen's Jam this weekend.  That place has blown up...jumps are steaper and faster and better looking than when we went 3 years ago.  I spent most of my time taking it all in and watching some of the sickest dudes shred.  It was amazing till the storms rolled in and shut down the shit show temporarily.  I saw videos and pictures of those guys all getting loose so I assume things cleared.  We tried to hit the road but drove my car into a two foot ditch.  Smeared mud ALL over the side and caked that mess in the wheel like nobody's business.  Had to have about 8 dudes help us outta of the hole...some pushing some putting weight on the one front wheel that was actually touching ground.  Thanks a ton to those that didn't just stand there watching and actually helped get us the fuck outta there.  Definitely gotta make a trip back up there this summer and have a mellow session with those guys.  Been seeing a ton more photos online.  Its impossible to explain how nuts that place gets for these jams.  Fun shit for sure.  Are there any jams next weekend?  This was three weeks in a row!!!!!!!  My life will feel so empty with no BMX jams happening in PA...what's good?!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Boneyard Funfest

Boneyard jam was yesterday.  Amazing time!  Its 10 minutes north of Wrightsville and I haven't been up those roads in a while.  Its an amazing drive.  They always say its not the destination but the journey...that being said the journey was fun but the destination was FUCKING SICK.  I couldn't have had a better day of shredding with a TON of good friends (old and new), fun jumps, and lots of laughs and generally good times.  Everyone was shredding and having a blast.  The place seriously has some shit for everyone.  The dirt is obviously the main attraction for me personally.  Set up right now is a super wild roll-in.  Probably 12+ feet tall and nearly vert.  Legit intimidating to drop in on the first time.  There is a littler line to the right that's loads of fun but the main line up the middle is awesome.  First set is a serious sender...unlimited boost potential.  You can go as high as you are willing to go.  But no top of that there is a mini (though shady its loads of fun) and a foam pit, which is an extremely rare occurrence in a back yard set up (I steered clear of that...as foam pits are generally a cesspool of gross but that's just my personal opinion haha).

At any rate...WHAT A DAY!  I'll definitely be making trips back up there more often.
The drive the Boneyard is half the fun in the dub.  Winding roads and sick scenery.
Solid turnout for the jam.  And even more dudes made it out later in the day.

Hullinger is back to killing it!
Dudes made it down from Catty.  Always good to meet new people.

Cam gets my personal "killing it" award for the day.  Motowhips and style with boost for days.
Staley was the host with the most.  Bummer this is the only shot I got of him.  He was 3rd in the high jump (though we never officially finished the contest)
Old man fest yesterday.  All the 30+ crowd was fucking going wild.  It was inspiring.