Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick update from Thursday that Brett gets off my fucking nuts about it. Catty Jam and Sunday session photos coming soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Friday

I have some pictures to post up from last nights little shred fest but my computer here doesn't have an SD card reader so it'll have to wait until tonight. Until then here are some random jems that I found over on I especially like the Lager bottle tat that was linked in a post about Mark Potoczny. PA 4 life!

Luke Peeters shorts edit from Will Evans on Vimeo.

Dick towel = hilarious. Period.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bike Rack

Matt's Dad made us an amazing bike rack for the trails. Tired of people's bikes being tossed all over the place and in the way. Now you can throw your bike in the stand. Sick! Thanks to Mr. Krofcheck for hooking that up! And thanks again for the casket which is still holding up and working out great.

This Is Why I Love Helmet Cams...

Deluxe posted up this rad video of they're guy Max shredding some cool transfer lines. Helmet cams make me want to ride all damn day long.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mystical As Shit!

I never cease to be amazed at the videos that come from these guys. Joe Simon seriously has his shit together. No joke. Good trails and great style from the guys in the video really don't hurt either.

Mutiny Bikes - "One Spring Day" from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Photos

Long day Sunday. Dug for a few hours, rode the trails in a bit, and even managed to have an evening skatepark session at Skate It. Here is a few shots from the day.

Update: For those that aren't sure...this is a 180 up to fakey bar off the box.

GTOWN Summer Jam!

Well here it is folks. The Gtown BMX summer jam! About ten years strong on doing this shit and they only get better. $5 gets ya in. The Family will be there in full effect getting loose and if you're lucky your $5 admission might get you a front row seat to the bout of a lifetime between Danny and Ryan. Fingers crossed on that one haha. Pics from yesterday coming soon...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shit Talk

Well my internet shit talking clearly worked. There were about 8 dudes on hand last night to help us do some work at the trails. I think I'm going to start bitching on the blog every Thursday and Saturday haha.
Got the Beyonce landing done. SOOOO beautiful but I was working too hard to get it done to stop and take a photo before it got dark. Hopefully snap one on Sunday.

Here is a photo of Justin's new rim. Reppin!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catty Jam

A few of us are heading to this in two weeks.


Brett hit the trails last night to get Beyonce's worked on since it's notorious for drying out super fast. We had a pretty lengthy discussion via text about how we seem to be the only ones intersted in getting things running at the trails this year. I'm going to put this in words that are certainly much nicer than Brett's (and after reading what I have to say you can only imagine what Brett had to say) but here it goes: This is a serious note to everyone that wants to get in our good graces...and I'm not speaking to the people that have their own trails (bc you already know what it's like) or the occasional visitors...I'm speaking to the guys that'll be at the trails all the time (or that live anywhere near Lancaster and come whenever you want) once July-October hits and things are running dialed. A select few of us have put in some serious work over the last two months, some of which I wouldn't even consider trail riders, making what many would call sacrafices in our personal lives for the trails. Sure they mean more to us than they do to most of you, that's why we don't consider it a sacrafice. But taking time from our girls, family, work, school, and even riding to put in hours upon hours to get things rideable for the summer is no easy task. It gets frustrating when you have a Sunday with 8 people digging and see how quickly work gets done, then you have the next three weeks of two or three of us digging and realize what a long and daunting task the trails can be. Its certainly rewarding in every way, shape, and form but it just gets to you when you realize how many people will reap the benefits of the hard work you've done. And there is nothing more frustrating than being told all winter long about how often people will be there in the spring to help, and how excited they are about the trails only to have not a single one of them show up to do a thing. I know this is a tired idea that trail builders have been ranting about for as long as trails have existed. And I'd image the people that this is pertaining to don't even look at this blog anyway, but if you do, come out this Sunday to redeem yourself. Lend a hand. Hang out in the woods with good friends and just plain good people. Have a burger and a beer with us. Toss some shovels of dirt on something. I'm not mad at anybody (as for Brett I don't speak for him) but SERIOUSLY come do your part so that we can all have a good time when summer sets in. This Sunday will be a HUGE day for getting things close to done. Be there!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rep the Family!

Lancaster locals repped the shit out of the 717 in Dirty Jersey this weekend at Shields Skatepark. The crew entered advanced and swept the class! Here are the results and a few photos I snagged off Justin's Facebook.
1. Steve Weiler (Sorry if I spelled that wrong Steve!)
2. Justin Cramer
3. Dan Mentzer

BAMMMMM!!!!!!! 717 in the fucking house. Glad someone is doing more than drinking beer and stacking dirt piles haha.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Turbospoke = The raddest thing to hit BMX EVER! Part. 2

I think the video speaks for itself. Part 3 is going to be a full speed run thru the trails when the big boys are running.

Awesomely old! Haha

Went to post a new video of the Turbospoke. Had issues on Vimeo so I figured I'd give Youtube a go. When I logged in I discovered this little number I made in March 2007 with my roommates crappy cam. Wish I had a computer to do edits now that we have trails to film. Someone make videos for us!

Shred Sunday

Well Sunday went amazing. Rough time getting up since Brewfest was the night before...all the beer you can drink without eating is a poor choice. Made it out before 2 though. Brett was laying down some work when I got there. Everyone else showed up around 4 or later. Ryan drove down sans his bike to lend a hand. Super stoked on that.
6th Only got sent for the first time. Unsuccessfully but it got sent nontheless. Good thing is we know what we need to do to get it running right I think. Minor tweaking to the landing before it should make it sick.
Anyway pictures below. Not many since we were all too busy shredding.
PS don't forget to wish Fashion a happy birthday...that old son of a bitch!

The first two photos are of our homage to Minersville (RIP). Brett's been eyein' up this log for a while apparently with this in mind. Notice that the log is the peak of the landing. Don't case:)

FINALLY got the 5th Only lip sending right!

Stoner (aka ME) sending the 2nd set. That stuff is getting ridden in really well.

Fuck the dogs clown ass! Seriously he was being suprisingly good yesterday though.

Suprise, suprise Ryan Yazzie manning the camera and there are photos of beers.

Birthday boy/most recent Steven grad sending the 2nd Only.

Brett launching the fixed 3rd Only. Only took him 3 tries to get it right.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Post

Update on the weekend.
Sixth Only is packed and looking smooth as shit (as you can see from the first photo below). We finally got to run in the first 5 sets of Onlys. Some tweaking needs done to get things to maximum deployement before we are ready to send the new shit. 3rd and 5th sets are still sending kinda weird. Hopefully have those fixed by the end of this week. First 3 BB's are running as well. The rest should be done before the end of the day this Sunday.

Fashion managed to make it out FINALLY. We got some riding in and I shot a few shots of him and Brett sending the 2nd Only. Next time he will be put to work haha.
A clan from the Family headed to the Cluggy's comp on Sunday. I didn't attend so I won't elaborate on any of the riding that took place but from what I'm hearing it was nothing shy of impressive. Allen Semmont took the win and the sick ass trip and prizes involved. Reppin' the 717 was Mennonite Steve and Danny who took home 2nd and 3rd respetively. Super stoked on those guys showing what Lancaster is all about haha. I'm hoping that despite their hungover/drunk nature from the party the night before that Ryan and/or Kimmel managed to snag a few decent shots of the event and can get some photos posted later this week of that.
Hopefully everyone took the some time out of their riding Sunday to show their mother how much they appreciate them taking care of their ratty bmx riding asses.

Thanks mom for all your support over the years!

Sixth Only lip. Silky smoooooth.

Danny with a lookback...not a dirt quarter but don't tell him that.

This is what happens when you use the lips for fakey tricks.

Brett sending the 2nd Only.

Woulda never guessed that he hadn't ridden in like 6 months. Must be all the gay-ass bike polo.

Can someone please come take photos of my ass riding for a change? Blurry one thanks to Matt who took a minute off his bike to snag one of me haha. Hopefully someone can learn to use my camera this summer haha.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gtown Photo Dump

Here is a photo dump of some shots I stole off the Gtown Facebook. Looks like those cats have been getting shit ready for the summer at the trails and shredding and having a whild time along the way. Things are looking bigger and badder than ever down in the little backyard spot. Keep your eyes peeled for a flyer for the Gtown BMX/717 Family Summer Jam (June 26th...any companies that read this and wanna sponsor it hit us up
I also included what may be the wildest fucking magazine cover (or photo for that matter) that I think I've ever seen!


Ryan at the Hell Track Spring Fling. Place is sick!

Night shot of how the backyard is coming along in Gtown.

FINALLY!!!! A real fucking berm. Those dudes did work!

Don't drink the brown juice!

Ryan with a Philly style moose ride!

Look up "bromance" and this will be the photo you find.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy Contest!

Sunday, May 9th is the Cluggy's/Groove Merchants contest in Chambersburg. A dialed ass group from Lancaster (Danny, Justin, Mennonite Steve) are going to rep The Family. This shit is going to be REAL outta hand. This is what Dan Depre posted up today about the contest...

Straight from Allan Cooke relayed by Groove. " The Premium Products/Groove Merchants Summer Jam III Comp is going downthis Sunday at Cluggy's Skatepark in Chambersburg, PA. Practice starts at Noon and the comp will kick off at 2:00pm sharp. Jam style format again this year for all class's except Flatland (which will have timed twominute runs). It's $10 to enter and no matter what you finish you will walk away with more than $10 in product. There are four class's; Beginner, Am, Pro and Flatland. Guaranteed prizes are... -PRODUCT PACKAGES FOR TOP 3 IN BEGINNER & FLATLAND - TOP 4 IN AM WILL RECEIVE PREMIUM PRODUCT PRIZE PACKAGES WITH THE WINNER TAKING HOME A BRAND PREMIUMGUTTERSHARK FRAME - $500 GUARANTEED PRIZE MONEY (BROKE DOWN) FOR THE PRO CLASS -THE WINNER OF THE PROCLASS WILL WIN A FLIGHT TO & FROM CALIFORNIA (FOR THEM & AFRIEND), BE PICKED UP AT THE AIRPORT BY ALLAN COOKE HIMSELF AND TAKENTO PREMIUM'S HEADQUARTERS, WHERE THEY WILL BUILD A CUSTOM PREMIUMGUTTSHARK WITH ALL NEW PREMIUM PARTS AND SPEND AN AMAZING FOUR DAYSRIDING WITH MR. COOKE AND FRIENDS IN SUNNY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. YES!!!You read it right!!!! Premium Products is giving away a trip toCalifornia and a new custom complete bike for winning pro!!!!!!!!!!That's a $3,000 plus prize!!!!!!!! So bring your A game this Sunday kids."

Long story short the winner for this shit is going to get the INSANE hook-up! Best of luck to everyone're going to need it against these mutha fuckin' Lancaster cats. Clown out!
Expect pictures of the action curtousy of Ryan Yazzie to be up early next week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You can run, you can hide...

...but mark my words Black Rob, you WILL get CRUNKED next Wednesday night!