Monday, August 31, 2009


I am a professionally certified photowhore, which is remarkable because i'm a husky fool,
but stoner forgot to post my favorite picture from sunday or to even mention that i made it out at my usual 2:30/3:00pm time.
it was a good day indeed though, a very very good day.

Sunday Sunshine continued...

Well as predicted it was an amazingly gorgeous Sunday! Brett and I hit the
trails around noon to shape things up a bit after the rain all day Friday and
part of Saturday. Got everything running really well and did so much quicker
than I thought we could.
Everything was running great and good times were had by all. Boner and Kimmel
even made it down from Greencastle and were both sessioning Only's. The fourth
set is finally running in full effect and the transition between it and the fifth feels SO
good. I cant wait to get the fifth landing done so we can send that big boy. I think its
measuring in around 6 foot with about 18 feet of space between. Two more sets are
in the works after that and they can only get bigger from there! Finally some jumps
with some size to them...I've been waiting over a year for this day to come!

Below are some photos I took between riding yesterday. Tried playing around
with shooting from a distance. Its still tough to get them without a secondary
flash but they turned out half decent. And last but not least there is a photo of Brett's
Deluxe sitting on the fifth Only lip and shots of the new trail pup...Jona. Welcome to The

Fashion tabling the fourth Only hip.

Brett moto whippin the fourth Only from a distance.

Ryan launching my bike without my prior concent...I guess its ok haha.

Brett's new Deluxe on the fifth Only lip!

Trail hound Jona resting on Ryan's fresh Lotek's.

Dont give me them puppy dog eyes!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday Sunshine...

The sun is shining and the weather looks GREAT for tomorrow.
If everyone gets to the trails at a decent time we can get everything

Friday, August 28, 2009

Puppies and Packing

Just a few crappy cell phone pics bc I'm bored outta my mind.
The first is of the newest member to the 717 family...not sure
of the name yet but its Carper's new golden lab. Brett assures me
that he'll love the woods as much as we do. Lets hope so! Look for
this little guy to be zipping around the trails nipping at tires in no time!
The second pic is the back of the fifth landing in Onlys. Its pretty much
completely squared up since I took this picture. Landing would probably
be done if we had more of an army to dig with during the work week.
Oh well...hopefully everyone will be out in full force Sunday to finish it up.
Well I better get back to work. See ya at the trails!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Always Low Prices - Always White Trash

I found a link to this on a friends Facebook post and I have
to say its probably one of the best new sites on the internet.
There is a lot of trash out there on the inter web and this
ranks right up there...but I love it!
Enjoy. I cant wait to see what will possibly make it on this site:)

Pool Pary?

This morning I got what may have been the best picture message I have ever
received (at least from a guy anyway haha)! Take a look at this top secret spot
that Carper found today...we NEED to get on top of cleaning this bitch out and
shredding it apart! Looks like the perfect deep end. Brett certainly has the eye!

Monday, August 24, 2009

GTOWN JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the most updated copy of the flyer for the Gtown BMX Jam coming up.
Its September 19th and all the info I think you'd need is on the there. If you have
Any questions hit up the email address listed or I can take a stab at any questions you
got. Its always a super fun time and there is usually a slew of prizes to give
away so dont miss it!!!!! For those that have never been to the Gtown trails its
a pretty interesting site to see...amazing how much shit those dudes have managed to
pack into a little backyard in the middle of town.

Dont be a douche...come support the scene! All the money raised goes back into the
trails/ramps in the Gtown area.

Pretty uneventful weekend at the trails. Saturday was another washout
and the trails are looking pretty haggard as expected from an entire week
of serious thunderstorms. Rob and I were the only ones that managed to
make it out for most of the day Sunday to do a bit of digging. Hopefully we
can get the landing near finished this week if Brett, Ryan, and I hit the trails a few nights.
I FINALLY wrapped up the tranny from the fourth Only landing into the fifth lip...
once the landing is done and we can ride it in a bit and get some of that rub
laid down it should be sick. Fashion actyally did show up for a minute to
help Rob and I peak that fourth landing out a bit (since it was
rounded over from a year of casing the hell out of it). Rob spent like three
hours trying to clean out the black obis! That shit is gnarly and he is a
bigger man than I am for clearing that out. Hopefully we'll be able to fill
that mess in with some dirt and get the 6th Straight lip running soon too.
Anyway here are a few pictures of the cherry new sender and of the hell
that Rob had to dig out.

Rob clearing out the blackness!

Hopefully the next photo you see of this is someone sending it into the sunset!!!

Until next time...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well here we are...its Friday and the work week is finally over and celebratin's all we got to do in this rainy weather.
Go grab a beer and cheers to the 717 cause we hit 1300 hits on the site although I'm sure 99% of those hits are from
us lookin at our own page but who's keepin track? Oh and cheers to J. Kim who has a birthday this weekend so dont
forget to wish that knob-goblin a happy 27th (you can look his punk-ass up on facebook now since he finally
took the thing you know he'll have a god damn Twitter!).
And last but not least come to the trails Sunday to get your dig on. I'm sure its a mushy hell
fest back there with the INSANE amounts of rain we've been getting as of late but at least it'll
prime stackin time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delicious Contest?

This looks like it'll be an insane specticle of ridiculousness and fun!
I'm pretty jealous that I'm not going.
I'll be anxious to see the video from this mess of a contest!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Please watch this shit...and tell everyone you know, even if they dont ride, skate, or whatever, to watch this. I know not a lot of people check this site but I feel like we need to do our part (no matter how small it may be) to help ARF hit that $100k donation mark. Serious props to Ballpark for sponsoring something this great. Its absolutely amazing to see such a gigantic and totally unaffiliated company really step up to the plate to help such a great cause!

And while your at it go check this out...

I would have posted the embedded vid here but youtube isnt exactly working for me at the moment (to be honest the shit is blocked at my office haha) so a link is the best I can do for now. Be prepared for the second WILL give you chills! Best of wishes to Mikey, Murray, and all the other amazing riders out there that have been plagued with serious injuries in the past few years. Any chance you get to support or donate to any of these rider benefiting causes...DO IT!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here is a shit-ton of photos for your viewing pleasure! I think the pics speak for themselves...or a picture is worth a thousand words...or whatever other excuse is acceptable for me to not have to waste my time writing captions. So take a look and use your imagination for once to come up with your own.