Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rob gave me a reason to hate camera phones...

Got photographic evidence from Rob last night that the trails are level. Haven't been able to bring myself back there since our meeting months ago. These photos make something we all know to be a reality even more of a reality.
Pitney. We miss you!

The first photo is where the Canyon and Onlys met. Amazing how easily 6 foot lips and 20 foot gaps can become level ground :(

The second photo is our hut Onlys and everything else that was the center of the trails.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mini is now a mini...

The mini portion of the ramp is complete. There is a street spine and other additions in the works. And I'm sure every year this thing will be added on to since I'm certain Stevie has ADD.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Time Gtown Fun

Had a wicked day today!
Headed down to Poop trails in Hagerstown to shred with Dan Depre and a few other dudes. Super fun little spot along the river. They have a ton of stuff and a world of potential for sure. So far so good. Managed to get a little dirt and real sweaty there before we headed to Gtown. Hit the Gtown trails for an awesome evening sesh. Kimmel and the Yaz-miester have that place running SICK. Everything is running like silk. Super stoked after this trip there for the upcoming Columbus Jam. Feels like 4 box jumps in a row now. Managed to throw out a few tricks that I haven't done in a while and to see Ryan blast the fuck out of EVER single jump there. So fun to watch that kid on a bike.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gtown Columbus Day Jam

Gtown BMX has a fall celebration on the horizon. Normally there is a Halloween Jam but there is usually so much going on that the turn out for those are hit or miss, so Columbus day should work out sweet. A costume contest has been replaced with a sickest flannel contest so break out your best lumberjack gear. And there will be a rafle for a free day at Ray's, aka the funnest place to ride your bike ever. Bring your friends and head out. From what I've been hearing the jumps are WAY better than they were for the summer festivities and feel like 4 boxes in a row. Bring your bag of tricks.