Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lend A Hand!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I think we've all been a bit busy.
I just wanted to get on here and let everyone know that Thursday and Sunday
seem to have a pretty incredible weather forecast right now so come to the trails.
The sixth Only isn't going to finish itself. The lip is near completion and the landing
is piled about 1/3 of the way there. I'll try to get some pictures of that tomorrow
when I go to the trails and get em posted. That set should be running in full effect for the
Halloween/Bday Jam at the end of the month and Brett and I decided we are going
to get Beyonce's running and if we have time finish the straight set after the step down.
So long story short what I'm sayin' here is get your ass to the trails and get to stackin'!

I'll try and post some pictures either tonight or tomorrow night of the super tight mini session
that we had on Sunday. Fashion...feel free to post whatever you got, I know you took way
more than I did!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick rundown of the weekend.
1. Brett lost his mind (see roof jump below).
2. Rob is the sexiest guy in the 717 (again...see pictures below).
3. Ryan is the Wildcard and can and will do whatever whenever where ever.
4. I'm too old for this shit (and knowing that is more proof I'm the Brains!).
5. Old German is the shit...if you can find it. Only in Gtown apparently.
6. Lets Get Mystical is the sickest movie I've seen in forever...get it.
7. Go to about 4 minutes in on the video below for more evidence of #1.
8. Baby dirt mounds are fun in small doses...but cant hold a candle to the monsters.
9. My dad cooks the sickest hot dogs EVER (even BMX Brett the former vagitarian agrees).
10. I'm tired of typing this and I'm late as hell for work.

Enjoy the noise below!

Untitled from Matthew Stoner on Vimeo.

The looks posing with the GPV.

Rob was shredding until well into the night.

The Muscle bombing off the roof...

The aftermath!

BMX Brett with some Raditude in yo face!

~Extreme turn-bar~

Yazzie nofeetin it up! Should heard him laugh the second he landed.


Random hero with a tdown that was pretty cranked for a baby jump.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Check back soon

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be posting all kinds of shit from this past weekend's adventure as soon as I get time. I have a sick ass video of Brett almost dying that I'll probably upload to Vimeo along with pictures from this years Gtown Jam. I'll get back on here soon with more info and pictures real soon! The only reason I'm even posting this now is bc I know Brett and Rob will be asking me tonight...surprised no one has asked me yet haha.

Here is me and Ryan's favorite new beer! $15.80 after tax for a case of pounders!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Jams

Gtown Jam is this weekend. I reposted the flyer for that below. Definitely come out.
We'll be there in full force.

Finally whipped up this super fast shitty little flyer for the Halloween Jam. The date

is October 24th. If you have any questions dont hesitate to leave a comment or shoot
me an email (the addy is on the flyer). Nothing crazy here...just a chance for us all to enjoy
the woods one last time before winter hits. After party should be wild with the keg of legit
ass beer and all. It'll probably be the last party at our old apartment...moving up in the
world to a new pad before the year ends.


Well I don't usually mix business with pleasure; for that matter girls with trails, or all of the emotional garbage I hear about from everyone with trails  but I may stray from that tonight.

The trails have become a type of sanctuary for many of us. A place where our problems disappear with each shovel full of clay, dirt, or leaves. I don't dig because I like the finished product and I like to ride what I have created, I dig because I don't know..... it's what I have done for a while now, and somehow it helps. We encounter girl problems because of the trails and our bikes, however, at the same time finding the only solution to life's journey in the trails. It's like a catch 22, or an alcoholic. ( I drink because i'm depressed and i'm depressed because I drink.)

My guess is if you are visiting a trail website it is because you want to see pictures of trails or videos, updates, something like that. Have you ever heard the old saying, "The church is not the building, but the people?" The trails are not the jumps but the people who labor constantly to craft a pile of dirt to perfection. We are the creators, We are the trails. So in a way maybe it is life's situations that make trail builders, maybe it is the problems we go through that create the need to throw dirt. Maybe the trails that you enjoy are somehow a product of our lives.

So I guess that's how this ties in with trails, because we are the builders, the life of the trails. 
In continuation, I thought I would get one more post off before my old girlfriend takes her computer back and I have nothing to post on here with anymore. Again, a perfect example of trails taking their tole. This relationship is probably down the drain because I refuse to "grow up" have "real goals" and "stability" in my life. I just can't change who I am! 

"I didn't mean to be mean. Like if you became a professional biker and were in the x-games and graduated college and lived outside of Lancaster County and called me and asked me out, Maybe i'd give you another shot."  That is word for word of the message I just got at 10:13 pm as I type this right now. Guess I'll never get another shot, but I'll probably be at the trails slaying dirt tomorrow, starting this whole process over again. Next time you hit the 6th lip in onlys, think about why it was created and why I helped pile a 7 foot dirt mound.

Best of luck to you all. 


Seriously starting to realize that fall is kicking in. Its about 60 degrees today and
on my way to work I noticed the leaves changing. This is probably the best time
of year in general but when it comes to trails this is about as good as it gets. Not
looking forward to winter but I'm excited for the next two months of trails awesomeness!
Thats all for now...lip building and landing stacking tonight so come join us unless you
dont like trails or you dont like jumping new jumps.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was bored in class today and googled my name.
Up came the results from a CFB contest I entered years ago and placed fifth in.
No big deal...
But i had to laugh when i read on and realized that i beat Mark Mulville.
Oh, how the times have changed.

*I beat punjab at a contest once too, but i usually leave out the part where he had a cast on his hand.

there's your random post for the day.

STUNTBOYS DIRT 1.Davison, Richard 2.Sabecky, Todd 3.Kaht, Jeremy 4.Riiska, Joe 5.Krofcheck, Matt 6.Brewster, Ben 7.Draper, Scot 8.Condusta, Dennis 9.Stroud, David 10.Daye, Mike 11.Moody, Joel 12.Caro, Alejandro 13.Mulville, Mark 14.Wilson, Shanton 15.Green, Austin 16.Adams, Randy 17.Shay-Winkler, Catlin 18.Venditti, Evan 19.Hawk, Toby 20.Brown, Jared 21.Simms, Brad

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New & Old

Did some digging tonight on the next set in Only's. There was a local kid that goes
by the name Angel that came out and lended a hand with the digging. Seemed like
a pretty cool kid and more than willing to learn the ways of the shovel. Hopefully
get him talked into begging for a bmx bike. Brett said he had to teach him to dig bc
we wont be able to throw dirt forever...ain't that the truth!?! I took this picture kind
of early on but a lot more got packed than this. Hopefully squaring it up and finishing
it out Thursday night if we can (fingers crossed that weather permits!).

And while weare talking about old and new...take a look below for some before and

after pics of the trails. I think we have made some mighty good progress in about a year.

The newest addition to Only's and possibly the newest addition to the 717 Family!

Late spring time last year...

...Mid-summer this year.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sixth Set Sickness

We managed to almost completely stack the sixth lip in Only's yesterday.
The thing came up really fast and with Ryan, Brett, and Rob doing most
of the dirt tossing and I started in on squaring up the back half of the thing.
Brett's goal is to have the lip shaped and smoothed by the end of this week
which I dont think is too unreasonable. I think the only part that gave us
trouble yesterday was trying to figure out exactly how tall to make it...I'm
pretty sure that if it were up to Carper this lip would have been about 9 feet
tall by the end of the day haha. I honestly cant see any reason why we cant
have this set done and possibly another after this one by the Halloween Jam
at the end of October.
Sorry for the piss poor pictures but its the best I could do since Yazzie and
Fashion both didnt bring their expensive cameras yesterday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September Rain...

Its raining a lot right now. Kinda bitter sweet...sweet in that it gives us a reason
to start working on the sixth lip in Only's and dig some drainage so that it doesnt
fill up with water after the fifth landing but bitter in that I know we wont be able
to launch off that fifth set come Sunday.

In other news for those not at the trails last night and not in the know...Brett, Ryan,

and myself finally came up with a name for the line everyone has been calling
"Straights" bc lets face least in my heart there is only one line that can ever truly
be called Straights. The line will now be referred to as BB's. I'm not wasting my time
explaining, you should have been there. So if you call out "Straights" Brett's
no-sleeve-having ass is going to body check you bc its BB's now! Oh and the same goes
for "Hips" bc thats the most un-original line name ever for a line with some hips in it...
its now called "Beyonce's" mutha fuckas! Its a memorial to my dead home-fish. And
anyone that thinks thats a dumb name, just remember that some individuals
(you know who you are) wanted to call a line "Secret Garden".

Hopefully everyone is sorted on the latest trail news. Now I better get back to work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween is a comin...

Tentative date for the Halloween/Birthday Jam and after partythis year is going
to be October 24th. I asked everyone what they thought would be best and that
seems to be the general thought so we'll go with that. Keep your eyes peeled for a
flyer for that later this week. Get your wild ass costumes ready...Kimmel says his
is pretty wild this year and he's usually the guy to beat.

Here is Fatbat and El Nino from a few years back...this is what your up against!


This is a pretty sweet site that I found today. I love trail blogs...I'll look at trails sites
with pictures of dudes in the woods sculpting dirt all day before I go watch some
boring-ass street edit of kids doing the same tricks everyone else is doing. I think
the motto on this sites banner says it all.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Really don"t have a ton to say about today (plus I'm sure Fashion will get on and have some emo shit to say about how beautiful today was and how good the fifth jump is or whatever). Anyway as promised here are the next set of pictures of the fifth set in Only's. It's running incredibly well since we peaked out the fourth landing and mellowed the lip a smidge. Well I'll let the photos explain the rest...

Ed had a shit-eating grin on his face every time he sent the new set.

Fashion learned opposite tables.


Blurry Eddie table.

Euro table on the fourth.

This is Fashion NEEDS to see every picture I take of him...picture whore.

Matt turndown. The blue-grove getting laid on the lip.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Ryan tucking like only Ryan does.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a little bit of late night posting action tonight. I've just been thinking about how amazing PA can be sometimes. In my opinion, this summer sucked. And not just like, sorta sucked at times, it really effing sucked. It was either a million degrees out and humid as a wet dog, or it was raining for days, neither of which are prime for trails. I'm just not one of those riders who can convince myself to go out and session when i'm going to be drenched in sweat in thirty seconds. If i can't hold on i dont have fun.

Then, in less than a week, our world turned into this heavenly place that we all remember and the reason most of us swear by the 717 and PA in general. Beautiful skys, long days, just enough sun to keep you warm and a nice breeze to cool you off. The kind of weather where you keep your AC running to just be a bad ass but really dont need it. The kind of weather where you spend a few hours at the trails and aren't even sweaty. This is what i love.

Anyway, all sappy love for the weather aside, this weekend should be just about as flawless as it can get. Sunday is supposed to be beautiful, the trails are going to be super fast and perfect, and the fifth set is going to scare some people (yes, ME.)

I love trails.

*also, i apologize for my lack of grammatic effort. i am of the txt generation and it has taken over my life. sorry. lolz

size 2 girl jeans

just wanted to remind brett of his roots, and offer congrads on now making the rest of us look huge. dick.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Got High

Finished the landing...

Ramped the new sender tonight. Holy smokes, what a senderrrrrr. My head hit the branch that we thought would be totally out of the way. You have enough time to think through whether you want to bail or not at least 3 times. Stoner and I both hit it. Kinda cleared it once. Bottom needs to dry out a little and it should be cherry. 

Reminder to Stoner, bring bug spray. 

Found out who the little rug rat is who is messin around at the trails. This is your warning so you better hope you check this. I'm building a new landing next week and i'll need some filler. You would fit nicely beside those Mondays. Kinda the same color too. 


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blisters, Hatin, and a Beauty

This is my first post so.... update.

Tuesday night Stoner and I hit the trails to finish the new landing in onlys. Dan and Ryan came along later with BEER and Ryan cleared the trail ahead for the next jumps in his typical Native fashion. The new trail hound climbed the landing, puked on a leaf, and had the time of his life licking ryans spilled beer. (like father like son) New landing is pretty much all packed and clayed. Just needs a little more love at the bottom and the new sender will be ready to make you all.... shake in your loteks. And you thought the trails were big before.

Probably some trail event going on this weekend for the holiday. come hang out if your left hangs lower than your right.