Thursday, July 30, 2009

BMX Brett's new BMX BIKE!

Just got a quick cell phone snap of Brett's new bike. Nothing says BMX Brett like red bars, orange grips, and a purple fucking sprocket on a brown bike. Somehow he manages to pull it off well haha.
Hopefully the old sessions are back baby!

Digging tonight, come join Ryan and I if your man enough!!!!! If piling stepdowns, buzzin' chain saws, and hacking thru a billion roots doesnt sound like a blast to you then your a pussy...dont pretend like you got shit better to do hahaha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Sunday's have been a bit too nice I this week the weather decided to open up a few hours after we all got there and let the rain rip. Rob and I both managed to get a few runs in and send the new flyers...DIALED Deluxes all around! Get at Matt and get yourself one I think everyone but Ryan has one at this point...and bmx is a sport of trends so get on the fucking train!

Anyway back to Sunday's news...we didnt manage to accomplish much but Ryan got a few shots of beer (as usual) and then we snapped off a few pics of my red rig and Black Rob's raw whip in the mud.

In the best news yet BMX Brett is back from his missions trip and ready to grip it and rip it! Lots of digging should be going on in the second half of the week after tomorrows rain. So come help or at least come out Sunday and welcome Brett home!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pics and tricks!

Just posting up a few photos that were on Ryan's camera from yesterday.


Rob's New Whip and Ryan's New Beer

Black Rob set up a new Deluxe frame this week. Shit looks sick so I thought I'd post a snap from his cellular device. I'll post some more pics when I get some, better luck getting some of those next Sunday. Yesterday I was far too busy getting piss ass wasted to do much of anything other than grilling the best corn ever (until next time) and snapping quick shots on Kimmel's camera of Ryan playing leather face with the chainsaw. Hopefully there are some good shots on Ryan's cam...if so they'll be posted tonight.
Ryan's new favorite brew to dig with.

Someone send Ryan out to put on a little fucking rain dance...we need it! Keep your eyes to the skies and your fingers crossed for some precipitation this week. They are calling for it but the weather men are ALWAYS wrong.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Heathens

Finally getting around to posting a little tid bit from last Sunday's trip to Lock haven.The trails were kicken and the weather was perfect. After helping the guys clean up some of the damage from a nights worth of heavy rain we were ready to ride. They were incredible...the pictures I've seen online dont do them justice.

Justin managed to three the big set there a few times (one of which involved a nice little spill and bruising the shit out of his ribs) as well as flipping a not so small set second or third run thru a line.
Fashion was in usual energizer bunny mode with his abnormal ass heart beat...but even he was worn down after a day of turn downs and lines that have more than four jumps.
Ryan was rocking all over the place even with his busted ass face and his sweet ass palm tree swim shorts.
Wasnt exactly my day though...managed to get more than loose a few times and almost jacked my face into a tree on the crazy berm jump channel at the bottom of the hill. I had fun none-the-less and have to say we'll be making an adventure back soon.

It was a total blast and thanks go out to all the Heathens for letting us come and ride and for all the hard work they have clearly put into that spot.

Last but not least here are a few shots Keener took...not sure if Ryan got any photos...if so look for those shots sometime soon.

Me following James thru the step up line.

Justin with a flatty.
One of the locals killing it.

Fashion turndown on hips.

James Hawkins with a one-footed table.
So fun to ride with these guys again...havent seen them since Minersville.

Ryan with a sweet ass table and some sweet ass shorts!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Whatever happened to spring? I went to the trails yesterday for the first time all week and everything is bone dry.
Digging has come to a hault at this point. Fingers crossed we get some much needed rain real soon. Spent the evening clearing what will be the step down line out of Only's...should be super fun. I'm sure Black Rob and I can put two or three more sets in that line together in a matter of days if we get some kind of precipitation.

Anyway...headed to Lock Haven on Sunday. As of now its looking like me, Fashion, and the Yazzie's. Unless by some miracle Rob's frame is here today, he'll be sitting this one out. Hopefully some shots from The Patch when we get back!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

off to the Beury Patch

seems that the entire family (or the majority of us) are heading up to the Beury Patch trails upstate on sunday. should be a good time!!!
check out the Heathens blogspot for some good trails.

looking forward to the visit.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

recovering from the jam

Well the 4th of july was a hit. Everything went off pretty perfectly. After days of serious rain the trails were absolutely flawless, every line was super dialed in. Hips was sendin everyone to the moon, Onlys was as good as always, and Straights were a ridiculous amount of fun.
A bunch of peeps showed up, including Kenan Harkin. He kept talking about doing tricks over every set, but only tried one 3whip to dirty tight pants landing. gooned out.
rode until we couldnt see anymore, i finally 3'd the third straight, Kimmel was blastin through only's and straights like a crazed lunatic, the yazzies were killin everything in sight, and stoner was yelling 'oh no' in mid air but still going higher than everyone.
i'm sure we'll make a lil edit to come shortly, as long as stoner can get off of his girlfriend and get to his windows (and therefor ever crashing) pc laptop.
here are some pics to hold you over.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009