Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gtown Kick-Ass Summer Jam 2012

Gtown Summer Jam went off without a hitch.  Probably the best the jumps have ever been.  Bummer more cats didn't show but it made the riding way better for the few of us that came to shred.  Thanks a million times over to Kimmel for putting in so much work and for all the guys riding that made the day a ton of fun.  Boneyard Jam is coming up this Saturday, June 30th...Catty Jam on the 4th of July and the Heathens have their annual Mountain Jam coming up July 7th (check the flyers at the bottom of this post).  Lost of shit talk and riding fun ahead of us.  Hard to believe the summer is 1/3 of the way over.  So hopefully much more to come.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Summer Events Begin

Summer events are starting to pop up.  On June 23rd the first one is my favorite cause its been something that has been happening almost as long as I've been into riding (which is way longer than I care to think about).  Gtown Summer Jam is always an amazing time and jumps are better than ever.

Also the Boneyard Jam near York.  Haven't been lucky enough to make it over to this spot yet but all the dudes working on the jumps are shredders so I'm sure its destined to be a sweet time.  Couple of bands, BMX and dirt mounds built for shredding...what more can a man ask for?

$5 gets you in the gate...bands and unlimited fun included in entry fee.  Ray's park passes and other shit up for grabs.
Main line has everything a foot taller than ever and the berm is easily 2 foot taller.  "Falcor" line down the middle is also ready to roll.

Boneyard line is looking good too.  Haven't been but can't wait to check this spot out.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gtown and Cranx!!!!!!

Lots of shit happening in the 717 these days.
Shredded Gtown on Sunday with Kimmel and some random cats.  The trails are by far the craziest they've EVER been.  Kimmel has obviously been putting in loads of work to set things off.  He's updated it all with a new line up the middle which has been dubbed "Falcors swope".  Gtown BMX Summer Jam is June 23rd and I highly recommend everyone be there.
Also hit Cranx park in New York this week.  Place is mostly pump track and single track mountain bike stuff but they legitimately has the most incredible rhythm line I've ever hit.  Its the closest thing to trails I've ridden made of wood.  Its not Rays but well worth the trip out for a change of pace.  And apparently there is more to come before they have their grand opening in October including some outdoor sections and a bowl.  Can't wait to go back for sure.
Kimmel blasting the new corner! 
Black Rob decided to be Roasting Rob for the day.

The first dub at Gtown is on point this year!

Wind is always a factor...the buggy will set you straight.

My ride freshly painted ready to roll

Kimmel crushed the digging this year and is finally enjoying his fruits

Hitting that Falcore swoop
Table on the sickest box I think I've ever hit.

Got that CRANX logo in the foreground and Kimmel boosting in the back

Stanley laying it over

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cranx Run

Kimmel and I running the rhythm line at Cranx.  Place was fun!  Gtown and Cranx photos to come soon.