Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not much to say here. The year in trails is basically gone. Its been a wild season to say the least. There has been good, bad, and ugly but all along the way shit has been nothing shy of fun. Come dig and get things ready for next year. Here is a series of photos that I snaked off Kimmel's camera from throughout the summer that I think speak for themselves. Good times...but there is much more fun to come.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So any chance that everyone will be down for digging this Sunday? Hopefully have some brews (or bronsons as Brett calls them haha), jam some tunes, lose ourselves in the woods, and just forget about reality for the day. Let's finish the ski jump in BBs or build the next lip in Canyon Hopper!

And in picture news, there will be a HUGE photo update coming soon. I'm getting Kimmel's camera tonight with loads of photos from the entire summer and fall including a recent trip to Ray's MTB park. So look for that either tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So everyone in PA knows that Ryan Yazzie loves it didn't come as much of a suprise to me that Yazzilla showed up on the Orchid website recently. Dude is a major shredder and deserves some god damn coverage!!!!!! Bought time. I think now that its winter and wood and concrete are the standard ramps of the season I think I am going to start sending the focas Ryan's way...he destroyes any bowl/ramp with a tranny and deserves to get online more often. Oh and did I mention he finally has a fucking cell phone? Well he does and congrats to him on that...FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shred the gnar Yazzie! Suicide wings Thursday night? Haha

PA Woods - 10 Year DVD!

I just picked up a copy of PA Woods latest DVD. Although people are more than welcome to come watch it at my place when I get my copy, I suggest EVERYONE go buy a copy for themselves. These movies are always some of the best videos out there (especially for trails) and I have never been disappointed (I have the first two Catty Woods DVD's). At only $10 and free shipping you really can't beat it. Plus this time around it comes with stickers and everyone loves stickers haha.

Go here...order a copy...and enjoy!

Here it is the final pawoods video. If you seen the other videos before you know what to expect, but this one is a little different with about 20 minutes of new trail footage from this past year and a lot of old sections from prior pawoods videos. It's basically like watching the trails and scene evole into what they are today. Starting with the first video back in 1999 to the present, it showcases all the trails from Nam to Posh and Catty and everything in between. This video is a thank you to everyone who digs and rides trails and helped out in anyway.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain Rain Rain...

Updates are slow coming, because the weather around here has been pretty awful for trails. You'll get three days of beauty and then a downpour, and then not enought warmth to dry it up. I literally haven't been to our trails in 3 weeks.
The family went to Catty to ride a trailriders mecca last sunday. The weather was ridiculously perfect, actually summer-like. The drainage they have there is unbelieveable. Everything was running perfectly, which almost confuses me because they must have 200 sets to maintain. Raked a ton of leaves, brett and i both fell into the pit of death because you couldnt tell where the ground stopped and the pile of leaves began. I hoped to have some decent pictures from the trip, but as with all good trips, if no one is broken, no one really stops to take pictures. I think i have like six good shots from the whole day, i'll post them later.
Brett, Black Rob and I are heading back to Catty saturday to meet up with Frank and ride again, weather depending.
Depression season is knocking, hopefully a winter trip to Ohio and some random sesh stuff will pull us through.

bikes. bikes. bikes.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday Sesh

Sorry for the major lack of posts and pictures as of late. Season is dying down and things have been a bit slow in the news department, not to mention wet at the trails.

There is a possible trip to Catty this Sunday to shred. We have been meaning to get up there all summer and somehow always get caught up at our own trails. Frank mentioned heading that way so hopefully that'll be the game plan for Sunday.

Next Sunday come to the trails! We are having a gathering of minds to discuss what we are going to build for next year. My personal priority list is as follows...Trees is getting a total revamp that has already been started, part of which will includes a sick-ass 270 berm, then we need to get some more shit cleared and stacked in BBs...especially that ski jump that is going over Only's, and Canon Hopper (I think that's the name Kimmel came up with) needs at least three more sets before the dead of winter hits like a ton of bricks. Then last but not least we need to finish out Only's...which should consist of finishing the sixth landing, building the 7th set, some sort of berm/roller set up to get your shit back together (how it ends up sort of depends on the trees and ground in that section of the woods...there was too much underbrush this year to see how it looks) and then hopefully two monster booster sets to round it out. After all that the sky is the limit. I know Brett has some intentions on building some kinda new we'll need tons of ideas for where to take that exactly. I'm always down for a new line. Hopefully the trails blow up this year and we can get twice as much shit built as we did last year. With Kimmel and Bryan visiting on a regular and Ryan living in Lancaster full time, we should have one hell of a dig crew to get everything done! I'm sure we'll be grilling and poppin brews well into the winter months so on Sundays come on out!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So I took it upon myself to go ahead and delete ALL the drama from this every
shape and form this is not a place for it.
90% of the posts on here were created by yours truly and maybe there is a reason for
that. If it doesn't involve stories of wild road trips, drunk madness, sweet ass dirt ramps,
bmx lifestyle, or any combination of those four things I just mentioned, I don't wanna see
it here!
We've all got way more important shit to deal with than some random bullshit drama. If
you got a problem solve it...if it can't be solved then fuck it...I don't need to read about it
on what should be a fun BMX site and I'm sure as all hell nobody on the god damn interweb
wants to read about it!

Anyway onto things that actually matter...

The Catty Jam went down yesterday and I'm a damn idiot. We decided not to go since
we all sort of assumed that the weather wouldn't exactly permit for Sunday shredding...
well as the photo below proves we were clearly wrong and underestmated the fact that
Catty has some of the best trail bosses on the planet. I'm sure it was an incredible time.
Friend Catty on Facebook and check out in our links below. The place
is amazing and I'm bummed we missed out. Apparently they raised quite a few bucks
though so that's great news! I'm just disappointed we didn't do our part.

Second is there is now a Q-ville trail site too! These guys are all super nice and though
I haven't hit this spot yet they look like they have tons of potential. I'm stoked that there
are other guys in Lancaster county with the motivation and love of dirt that we have!
Hopefully over the winter we can help eachother out a the meantime check out their