Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bricktown...more like shittown

Danny finally did what all of us were waiting for at Bricktown!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turbo Spoke has arrived!

The old man hooked it up with one of these things! Popped in on last night and zipped the
neighborhood. Nearly pissed my pants I was laughin' so hard. I CAN NOT WAIT to take
this fucking thing on a run thru the trails! Priceless. What you know about that?!!!!

the juniors van is sold!!

so ryan and myself (j.kimmel) decided that we had to sell our van that we did are summer searching tour across the U.S.A in order to fund yet another trip. see ya in Austin but minus are van .. gas is just to crazy for just two to travel in her. we had so many good times, so many rad people rolled with us at one time or another, and just so much crazy stuff that went down on are three month tour. with that all said i want to tip my hat to her and say thanks so much.... i sold the old girl last Monday, her legacy will live on!!! road tripping and zooming the highways with the groove merchants crew (totally rad BMX shop in west VA)! enjoy the VANNY she is RAD!!

sick!!!!! deluxe hand made tensioners!!

i just got a set of the hand made tensioners that are made special for the deluxe frame !! love them!!! installed so perfect and easy!! everyone who owns a deluxe needs these for sure! you can get yours from Claudio Barmets from Switzerland drop him a email and get yours on there way across the water!! thanks again Claudio....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stickers have arrived

Stickers are here. Over a hundred white for now, black is on its way.
New shovel design in the works.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Spotted this over at Definitely a unique setup! Its amazing how creative trails can get.

Dirtcoaster from Bobby Henderson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beer Shirt

Dan Depre was toying around with some future shirt ideas for us. This is one of the rough sketches he came up with. I think you might be seeing a tweaked version of this on a shirt sometime in the future. Hopefully around digging season when Kimmel and Ryan get back from Austin.

Monday, January 18, 2010

stoner with a tire grab, kimmel with a one footy

rays weekend

new at this blogger thing thing so my first attempt at some images of stoner, myself, and duster had the time of my life with the crew this past weekend lookin forward to many more fun times.


Wish life was as simple as it was this weekend. Ride all day and party all night. I'm sitting here in my 8X8 cubicle seriously day dreaming about how incredible our adventure was to Ray's and wishing I could live that on a daily basis. Maybe had a taken my riding to that level I could be, or maybe if I had done that I'd be as burned out on riding as I am on doing what I do now. I was reminded this weekend that work isn't life...working is merely a means to making it financially possible to truely enjoy life. So for those of you out there working multiple jobs or long hours, seriously take some time to go the hell out and enjoy whatever makes you happy. And I'm not saying saving money and being comfortable isn't a good thing (especially in this economy) but just remember you can't take it with you when your gone. In the delightfully simple and (in my opinion) wise words of Justin Kimmel "You only live once!"

Some visuals coming this afternoon from Kimmel! Berm bangin', tire grabbin', good time havin' batch of shots. Its hard to get off your bikes at Ray' you'll have to excuse us that we didn't take many photos.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ray's trip was awesome. Kimmel will get pictures up soon hopefully.
For now here is a shot of the new stickers, hopefully have them real soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Not that the trails in this vid are really my style but I couldn't be more jealous of the dudes in Southern Cali right now. Our trails are shut down for the season and we are reserved to riding a few little mini ramps and such to tide us over till spring. Speaking of minis...went to Bricktown last night...not impressed. As if it were possible the ramps ride worse than I actually thought they could. Ryan and Danny still managed to do some work but after about an hour I was ready to get out of there for the better part of the night...some Yuengs and wings. Happy birthday to Ryan by the way. Clown is turnin 26 on Sunday! None of us are gettin any younger but we still know how to have a good time. Sorry me and J. Kim are gonna be MIA to celebrate with ya but I'm sure there will be plenty of wild nights in the futre to make up for it.

Rockstar Energy Drink: Luke Parslow Trails from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ray's Weekend #2

Kimmel and I are headed to Ray's with the folks from Green Mountain Cycles this weekend. Its the second trip the shop has done. Not a bad deal either considering your way is paid in and you get two nights in a hotel and don't have to drive at all. Hopefully some other fun heads are going too. Either way I'm pretty sure that place is as good as it gets on a bike indoors.

Here are the pics from our last adventure to Ray's. Sorry they aren't the greatest shots and there aren't many. I probably took about ten minutes to shoot maybe ten was way too hard to get off your bike long enough to shoot anything. Maybe this time around we'll get some more photos or maybe someone else will be willing to stop riding long enough to take some shots. At any rate look for an update on that soon!

Oh and last but not least...Columbia park is opening its doors to bikers tomorrow night after 4PM. At least thats the word from Danny. I think a few of us are going to check it out and see if we can blow apart the ramps so that hopefully the dumbass that runs the place will accept our offers for help building ramps that don't blow donkey balls. After that we'll be headed to ABG for our weekly wing roundup with the family and doing a bit of celebrating since its Ryan's birthday this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Art!

Now this is what I call art...BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, January 8, 2010

So simple yet so perfect!

This is a simple yet amazing idea...I think we need to make one of these for the trails this year so we can keep our feet on the pedals!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It totally slipped my mine a while back to post this link when we got it. The rest of the family hit this trail spot back in the fall and said it was crazy fun and had tons of potential. I'll be stoked to check it out in the spring.

I'll try to add it to the links list at the bottom of the site sometime today.
And if your mega bored with the winter blues blow thru the sites below bc there are a ton of always updated, always awesome sites down there.

History repeating...

I'll probably start posting shit from the web that I find generally amusing bc its winter we don't have a damn thing to post since all we do is ride the mini in Manheim and drink a lot.
Below is a video of John Barker taking a go at the infamous Austin, Texas Church Gap. Blows his fucking wheel apart and everything but somehow walks away alive and basically unscathed. Mind blowing. If anyone (other than us old fucks) remembers this far back, Jimmy Levan destroyed that shit back on Road Fools 1(damn that makes me feel old as hell since they are on like 17 now!). Anyway its cool to see that somethings never change...I remember when tailwhips by themselves were considered a hard trick, but thank god stupid ass gaps like this are still only reserved for the truely insane:

SOLIDSTEEL Johno & the Church Gap from Clint on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I'VE been up to...

go ahead and make fun of me.
Winter sucks for me. I'm too poor to buy a helmet, and my poor deluxe has been sitting in the corner of my apartment for the past two months crying quietly.
There's a new indoor skatepark that i need to get my ass too with stoner and yazzie, but haven't managed to as of yet.
instead... i've been spending my sundays playing a sport.
haha. not really.. but its alot of fun. Bike polo.
basically regular polo instead we swap out the horses for fixed gear bikes.
anyway.. i'm gay.
its fun.

Oldies but goodies...

In the spirit of yesterday's new video post (which if you haven't seen please check it) I have decided to post some old footage that Fashion had put together probably about two years ago. Two of them are from the first season at the trails and the other is Black Rob doing his damn thing on the Gtown jumps and getting the raddest rider win for the year. All oldies but definitely worth a look.
A side note to the family or anyone out there for that matter. Ryan and I chill on the regular but we rarely see any of you other cats these days! Thursday nights have been come a weekly thing with wings at ABG and usually Saturday or Sunday we head to Manheim to shred that get off your couch and shake off your seasonal depressions and join us! And if you aren't going to Ray's next weekend call Zach at Green Mountain and get on that shit.
Last but not least, Ryan and I are headed to Columbia tonight to this new skatepark called Bricktown. Hoping to discuss the plans for a possible bike room with the owner. There is a second floor to this park that is completely empty and we are hoping we get to help decide or at least have some say in how this empty canvas will be used. So stay tuned to the 717 Blogspot for more on that soon! So please feel free to leave comments and ideas in our Comments. Thanks!

The 717 Family, Trail Jam Promo from matt fashion on Vimeo. from matt fashion on Vimeo.

the 717 plays in the dirt from matt fashion on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Sweet Lew Production:

Sweet Lew was sweet enough to make this little mini edit of our weekly trip to SkateIt. Thank god he posted it on Vimeo (he put it on Youtube at first). Talked to him today and we discussed the possibility of doing more and more videos like this since him and I both have cameras, especially when summer time rolls around and trails are poppin off. He's even talking about getting a new computer which would really make things a world easier. I have a batch of footy from this past summer that is I couldn't manage to do shit with cause my laptop has a beat ass integrated video card. Anyway check it out. Yazzie shreds that mini way crazier than this video lets on so hopefully we'll have more clips of that up soon!

717 Edit from John Lewis on Vimeo.