Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ramp Riding...FINALLY.

So after a LONG wait we are finally breaking in the ramp.  Its been done for some time but not much riding has taken place.  Well that's about to change.  Come out next Saturday and shred this thing to death.  Peep the flyer below for address and time.  Please come help us have a great time with friends.  And feel free to bring food and drinks and we'll make this a regular old fashioned backyard BBQ jam!!!!!!!

And the Catty Jam is October 20th.  Halloween Gtown Jam is the same day.  No matter which event you better not be sitting on your ass this fall!  Get your bike and get your costumes ready.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

GRINDlab Trails

Stole the images below from GRINDlab's Facebook page.  Its looking like the dirt park they have been talking about is becoming a reality. And it looks like that's Dave King in the one image, so the jumps are likely to be pretty amazing…at least when its first done. Place is in Camp Hill so its fairly central for the 717. I'll be anxious to see how long and how well the maintenance goes (and more importantly who they'll have do it) and to see if they ever decide to let bikes inside the park.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Flow Funfest

Kimmel, Chris, and myself headed on a trip to The Flow this weekend.  Give or take its about an 8 hour journey from Lancaster to Columbus, OH.  The plan was to hit as much concrete in Pittsburgh on Friday, shred The Flow all day Saturday, and we left Sunday open for whatever came our way. 

Met Chris bright and early Friday morning and scooped up Kimmel along the way in Breezewood.  Started off with the Boyce Park in Monroeville.  Place was completely dead and real sweet.  Solid mix of street jibs and legit bowls.  With not a single soul in site we were able to full speed pump the entire park in one run if our little hearts desired.  It was sweet.
Then we headed off to Southpark.  Kimmel probably spent 95% of his time there running the track.  Too much pedaling involved for my lazy ass but he was killing it.  Full tilt and jumping some pretty long sets at speed.  Ended up taking a nice hip lashing on the transfer into the Pro-set.
As day light was dwindling we decided to do Imperial as our last park, since its got lights and was on the way to Columbus.  We spent the least amount of time there but that is by far my favorite spot.  It just flows.  Bummer on all the scooters and bladers zipping all over the place.  With a mission to get in your way.
Saturday was The Flow. Place was disappointing at best. The Flow now has no flow at all. With only one rhythm line (which was only so-so) and awkward spacing and mushy ramps it just didn't feel like it used to. We certainly made the most of the trip and road all day and into the night.  It'd be a great park to have in your town but was an absolute dissapointment considering the distance we drove.

Sunday was the day we were hoping for. Learned about a park in the ghetto of Columbus that had been built in 1990. Bumpy and inconsistent but real fun nonetheless. But the entertainment value came from the neighborhood folks trying to shred boards. One dude decided to bomb into the 7 foot bowl at about 10mph after he hit a blunt…didn't really work out as I assume he expected it to. But made for an enjoyable experience on our end.
Then we headed to the Potoczny compound. They have a real laid back and fun trail set-up with some wood mixed in. Kimmel was on cloud 9 jumping some of the bigger sets he's ever hit. Couldn't wipe the smirk off the dudes face for the rest of the night. Definitely got caught up in the fun and didn't get out of there until after dark. Thanks again to those guys for being ultra friendly and fun to ride with. Always a pleasure meeting new people and riding new places.

After half a dozen spots in 3 days and over 1000 miles of driving I'm certainly beat ass tired but had the sweetest time and can't wait to get back out there again soon!

Boyce had a few nice hips with some pop.

Kimmel KILLED the second straight at South Park.  The third straight killed him haha

Kimmel up on that wall!
The keystone reflectives look sick with the flash.

Main Line at Mark's was fun.  It had to be turndowned.

It was getting late so the photos are dark.
But Kimmel was getting his full pull on the Main.

Three bikes, three dudes, one GTi, and 1000 miles.  FUN.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Misc Shit

Nice little trail edit. Things are slow in this neck of the woods but fall is fast approaching so get ready for the best season EVER.

Jefferson State Vol. 2 Trailer from Marcus O'Brien & Jesse Duval on Vimeo.

Also, check this site out if you haven't already: Tons of great posts and up-to-date web shit from the trails/bmx world. Nice.