Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I know that Brett is going to hate me for this...but I created a 717 Family Facebook.
I honestly did it to get some shots of the shirts up and possibly promote any future creations.
Go to the link below and add us!

The 717 Family Facebook


Kimmel came thru with some dialed head gear for the family! They look sweet.
Not available right now but hopefully if we start moving shirts we can make
these available to everyone in the not so distant future!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Pics

Party shots are starting to pop up on the internet. There are going to be a lot of these floating around on Facebook I'm sure. I'll post any good ones I find.

Where's Waldo? The place was packed.



Wilma home-maker pieced these gems together all by hersefl...impressive.

French maid, Prez. Obama, Native American, and Hanni Montani...god bless America!

Wild-ass Weekend!

So needless to say the jam did not go down on Saturday. A whole slew of other crazy shit did manage to go down though. We had the last party on Pearl Street before I move out and move into a way nicer place. Guess its going to be up to the other rats in the 717 to get a damn BMX house to host all the festivites from now on!
The party was crazy. There was a 1/2 barrel of Yuengling premium, 7 gallons of jungle juice, and thanks to Zach and his fiancee we had a giant tub of some crazy moonshine concoction that put everyone on thier asses. My buddy Brandon came thru with two bottles of tequilla and a sweet ass mexican costume to do some shot pouring in. I don't even know where to begin with the costumes...there were so many characters in attendance. Hogan and Brook were there, MAX from Where the Wild Things Are (two of them actually), Billy-fucking-Mays, Wall-e, Hannah Montana, The Flinstones, and even President Obama decided to pop out among many others. Kimmel in a singlet was nothing shy of sexy and everyone spend most of the night looking for Zach "Where's Waldo" Reed. It was just awesome to see everyone take the costume thing to heart and go all out for the final bash! I'll post some pictures up later once I see what ends up on Facebook and see all the shit Joe managed to get photos of. Wall-E/EVA won the best costume contest...as you'll see in the pictures Wall-E was out of hand (barely made it thru the party...that thing was huge) and there was a tie for second between Hulk & Brooke and Toni's version of MAX. My vote went to Obama bc seeing Brett's sober ass dancing like an idiot wearing the funniest mask of Obama made me laugh my ass off everytime I saw it! Cheers to the guy that can dance all night long and not drink a drop of booze...impressive.
Now onto the true craziness. Party started dying down not long after 1:30ish when the jungle juice and moonshine were gone...there were still some heads raving in the kitchen and people lingering in the living room. Apparently people had been pissing off the porch all night but leave it up to Fashion to be the guy that gets caught. I'm going to make a very long story short here...

Fashoin pee'd out the back window. The landlord's girlfriend (both of them live on the first floor below) apparently stepped out back and nearly got pissed on. Landlord lost his fucking mind. Storms into my place looking for "the mother fucker that was pissing in my back yard". I can't say I blame him for getting upset but the asshole took it too far. For some reason when Fashion openly admitted it was him my landlord proceeded to tell me how I need to grow up and the partying needs to stop. Funny coming from the dude who as far as I can tell smokes weed most of the day, seems to have no real job himself, and fights with his unemployeed girlfriend at volume daily (and as an added bonus she was arrested less than two weeks ago for one such fight were they were wrestling in the backyard till 6 A.M.). I guess I was mistaken at my definition of growing up...here I thought paying my bills on time, having a serious 9-5, graduating from college, and driving a decent car were pretty good steps for most 25 year olds...my bad. After all that they call the cops. Here is my favorite part...they show up, don't say a word to us, and tell them that there is nothing they can do. Apparently pissing out of a window even if you rent is like pissing in your own backyard and the cops left. Then the landlord's crazy bitch girlfriend tried telling us that everyone that wasn't on the lease had to leave...at which time my roommate Josh told her to go ahead and call the cops back and slammed the door in her face. Anyway it was a crazy series of events that lead to the major buzz kill ending of the party. Hopefully everyone had a good time regardless.

Sunday was a whole different story. Rode this place called Hell Track in Millerstown. Dudes there were super awesome and crazy shredders for sure. Wild set-up and Ryan killed it like always. Most of us were a smidge sketched out at first since we don't normally ride wood...especially not like that. Forgot the camera so there are no pictures. Ryan and Brett are headed there Saturday night for some super crazy party so hopefully I can send the camera with them to get some good shots.

Well that about wraps up the events of the weekend. Sorry this shit took so much to get the point across. Hopefully its not too much. Its worth reading for sure. And thanks again to everyone that came out Saturday night. What a time.

PS buy shirts. We got em in mad colors and all sizes! Hit me up: stonervoodoo@hotmail.com

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Shirts will be here today! Stoked!
Party tonight. Trails tomorrow. Enough said.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday Session

Well it's starting to look pretty official, Brett and I agree that we are basically going to
have to plan on shredding trails Sunday. The jam would have worked out much better
on Saturday but Sunday will do. Maybe it'll keep some of the goons from getting totally
out of hand if they are planning on enjoying what looks to be an amazing Sunday. Hopefully
nobody is too hungover to get out and shred (including me).

Bike is nearly together. I'll probably post a picture of the new rig later this tonight once I get

her all built up. Can't wait to ride my own bike again!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Bike!!!!

Hopefully heading to Green Mountain Cycles to pick up the majority of my parts tonight.
Matt (Literacy Bikes) already got me my Casselberry red XL Deluxe frame and a fresh Deluxe seat.
I'll post pics as soon as I finish building her up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Deluxe = Awesome

Here is a sneak peak at the new Deluxe video from their recent trail trip.
Can't wait for this video to be available.

Rain? Not again!

Well weather is looking worse and worse for Saturday. My hopes ran high a few days ago when they were calling for only a 40% chance but as of today they are predicting a 70% chance of rain on Saturday. Not sure what other people's thoughts are but I guess if anyone is capable of riding Sunday after a night of wildness Saturday night then I'm down. Unless someone has a better suggestion for "postponing" our jam. The next weekend is the Catty Woods raffle and I really don't think I'm trying to miss that one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Avoid the Noid!

Just so Brett knows, Noid was not invented this weekend. It may, however, been used
in extreme excess to describe the wild-ass Noids he was forced to travel with. Avoid the
Noid...or don't...your choice. If I were you I would come join the Noid (and by that I mean
the wasted combo that is Ryan and Kimmel) this weekend at the trails all day Saturday
and then party like its 19-mutha fuckin-99 at my place afterwards.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Noids infest Cleveland

What happened in Cleveland will probably make its way back to Lancaster, so i'll just tell you the juicy details. Hopefully kimmle will e-mail me the pics and i'll post em tom.
Friday night Ryan and I were driving to the bike shop and decided to go with kimmle to Cleveland to ride this ray's park. So we called the little turd Benjamin Button with no job, no GED and of course he was down. Those are the chanracters. The word Noid was invented that night and got used the whole trip. everything was a noid and ben used it like crazy.
Arrived at justin's house at like 12 am with Ben and Ryan. Kimmle was soooo stoned when we got to his house. We had to wait on him outside his house for like an hour to come back from wherever the circle was taking place. On top of that, he was wasted. Ryan was drinking on the car ride there too. We watched the new Shola vid and partied a little. The shola movie sucks. I was mad stoked to check it, but not even worth it. Go to bed at like 3am suppose to get up at 9 am.
Ryan and I are up at 9, wake up ben, wait on kimmle till 10 30 to leave. Slowest person EVER.
Take the Blazer 6 hours, drive through a snow storm, sleep, look at dans. A lot of farting went down on this trip. Kimmle blasted the pip the whole way.
They say you don't know people till you travel with them. Well I knew my friends, and I think you know them, it is just the bad qualities they poses shine like a diamond when you are on the road. hahaha
Get to rays at 4, we have to pay cause the boss is there watchin over the dude that is suppose to get us in for free, furthermore claiming that you have to have brakes to shred. so the wild card and GED go to chenga. Kimmle and I shred rays. the rythem room is the best!!! kinda like huge trails. It took me some time to get the lines down and the hip but once i got it, i dialed her in with some trail style like whoooaaa!! kimmle was shreddin it too. Busted some one footo euros . Got to shred with mark p from pitt, his brother, brian katchunkski (haha) and probably some other pros, i'm kinda out of the bmx loop. Ryan and ben came back, the wildcard blew his ank apart.
Best part of the trip was the after party with the two girls from texas at the bar she worked at. The slogan of the bar was, "more than just a quickie" !!!!!!!!!!!!! We got free drinks most of the night. Justin got sooooooooo loose. couldn't even hit the pool balls. Told the bar tender he wanted to take her panties, she told him he could, then he said he would smell them and stick them in his pocket hahahaha. ryan was gettin crazy, he made friends with everyone, ordered (3) 22oz beers at once for himself. it was kareoke night and everyone in the bar was gettin super loose and beltin out lyrics from dre to country stuff. The bros there were sick too. no attitudes. The owner loved us, thought we were the coolest. Ryan told him we was the baddest muther over a million times.
Thanks for the texas girls for lettin us crash at the house and hookin us up with free drinks. We owe you guys.
Justin and ryan were too drunk to get out of the car when we got to their house, so they woke up at 6 in the morning screaming at each other trying to figure out where they were, and it was below freezing and ryan was in a t shirt. that was the most memorable part.
Sunday, everyone except me was too hung over to shred, so we went to lake erie, west of cleveland. wildcard and i tested out the water, built a sand castle, made a keystone with the 717 family in it. took a million pics.
drove home, farted, saw all these pitt fans at the truck stop. the cute girl told me they won. football blows.
Thanks to ryan, for lettin us destroy the blaze, lindsay and trish for hosting us, GPS for gettin us there and back, big thanks to the more than just a quickie bar, and the bros that i spent 3 days with and still love even though i know all the things that make them suck now.
pics soon. watch out for the noid infestation of TEXAS in FEB.
ben- give me the wheel
ryan-give me my pocket knife back
kimmle- give me my v card back


This can not be a real jump right? Jesus that looks INSANE! Random
intenet find that I seriously can not rap my head around. Just look how
tiny the two dudes look standing in the middle of the set.

Shirts and Sites

Ran into some issues last night with the shirts. Bryan was trying diligently to get
them printed last night but had problems with blowing thru the screen. Hopefully he
can have it resolved this week and get those bad boys printed in time for the
Halloween Jam this coming weekend.

I decided to add a few more of the sites I check out from time to time to the Links
list at the bottom of the blog page. Mostly trails related stuff...so please go check
them out and see what other dirt dialers put online these days.

That's all for now. Maybe Brett will get on here soon and post a little something
about the wild trip those clowns had this weekend. They headed up to Ray's in
Cleveland for a weekend of bikes and craziness that I'm sure was nothing shy
of eventful and insane.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cross your fingers...

Weather is starting to look up for next week. Should be sunshine and perfect fall temps

for stackin' and packin' but the weekend is a different story. As of now its saying 60%
chance of rain on Friday and Saturday. Guess only time will tell since the weather men
have been sucking as of late with their predictions. Let's all just pray to the Trail Gods
that its perfect jam weather and the meteorologists are just suck at their jobs. Oh and
in case you were wondering the after party is still poppin' the 24th...rain, snow, sleet, or
hail!!!! So come party your asses off even if you can't surf some dirt mounds. Oh and
scrap the Iron Hill keg...let's just say that fell thru. No worries though we'll just fall back on
some cheap shit and if you got some beef with that we'll have plenty of jungle juice to go around.

Shirts will be picked up Sunday...so like I said before if you think/know you'll want one
email me and let me know what size and color you want or just bring your ass to the pad
to pick one up!

In totally unrelated news I am definitely going to see this movie this weekend...
Spike Jonze is the man!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here it is folks...the rough design of our first run of shirts. Thanks to Bryan at Colormake
for the design and the serious hook-up on the printing. Shirts should be available early
next week if all goes well and pricing is looking to be a mere $10 a pop! Shoot me an
email if you want me to reserve you one a while...
stonervoodoo@hotmail.com. Check
the old post below for color options. The first run will be limited but maybe if they are a
big hit and we get more shit made I'll take the time to set up a Paypal or something.

Hit up Bryan on Facebook if your looking for some clean design work and dialed prices
on the quality printed gear...


Update: Looks like cold rainy weather is on its way. Winter is a bitch...but I guess
the PA clay wouldn't be the same without it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bing is cool...

So I got on Bing.com just to check it
out...honestly didn't think it would have
much to offer what with it being Microsoft
and all. Boy was I wrong! The bird's eye
view might be my new favorite thing on the
internet. They have really clear images
from four freaking angles of almost any
place you can think of. It's no Google Earth
as far as cities are concerned but for trails
its sweet. Here is even a snap of the old
trails at Keener's. I also found Catty and a
few other spots on there. Check it out if
your bored...its slightly amuzing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

So Sunday was amazing despite the lack of bike for myself (Stoner) and everyone was
out in full force. Zach from Green Mtn. made it down to shred...and was admittedly
going incredibly high on every single set. Kimmel showed up with Big Head and was
bopping thru Only's easier than ever...I seriously think he's blasting that fifth set real
soon. He also brought his slimmer green race rig down for me to shred on for a bit.
Shit was fast. We got some good digging done on Beyonce's and cats were popping off
the new hip landing to the right. Some made it between the tree's of death some did not
haha. Well anyway I'll get to the part everyone came to see. Here are the pictures from
the day. Enjoy.

I love this picture...I'm giving this non-riding shot the POTD.

Me with a table on the green machine. Pretty proud of this considering the giant bars.

Brett was killing it (and himself) all day...this is a fine example.

The pup in a rare moment of cuteness between getting into EVERYTHING!

Rob looked smooth as usual.

Another shot of Brett ripping...and me hot on his tail.

Fashion with a bike wiggle. It actually looks cooler than he thought.

Wildcard finally drug outta bed from the night before...still sporting the previous nights Hawaiian garb.

I don't think this shot needs a caption...well maybe two words...Black Rob.

Black shot of Black Rob.

Big Head getting silly with a spray can haha.

Ryan got wild on the new hip line...trying 270's off the softest lip EVER.


Added a new link to the list at the bottom of our page. Got a message on myspace
from one of the guys from the 603 and he sent me a link to their page...their trails
look nothing short of flawless and fun. So go check that shit out!


In 717 news the shirts WILL be here before the Jam/Party and the second I have
the actual design I will get a picture posted on the blog. The price is probably going
to be around $10 a shirt.
Colors are going to be as follows:
Royal Blue w/ Yellow print
Black w/ Safety Orange print
Heather Grey w/ Black print
Army(Olive) w/ Cream print
And a limited quantity of Black w/ White print.

So if you know now that you love the 717 and know what size and colors tickle your fancy
then get your orders in kids! The first run is only going to be about 50 shirts...so they
probably wont last long.

Last but not least I'll have the pictures and a post from yesterday's shredfest up sometime
tonight. Don't hate.

Friday, October 9, 2009


So Stoners bike was stolen out of his car last night/this morning.

Douchers broke the rear window and took JUST his bike...which is beat as hell.

If anyone see's some kid ridin a prestine Casselbery Red Deluxe setup around, probably with the bars all chicago'd out and some pegs on the back by now, just go ahead and shoot them dead in the street.

You can tell the cops that the717family sent you. they'll understand.

In other news, we'll have Tshirts comin out really soon. The design is pretty rad, so be sure to check back and we'll post the design before the shirts are printed to raise some hype!
They'll definatly be ready by the jam in all sorts of PA type colors.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lazy, Sunday

Finally getting around to posting up the pictures from Sunday...hence the name
Lazy, Sunday. I've been lazy with updates lately. I'm sorry Brett! This sunday was
probably the best day we've had at the trails all year. I almost forgot what made
October so great! Take a look at the action below. Thanks to Keener for taking
some pretty decent shots, I was just too busy riding to get off my bike and snap
any myself. Better see ya there next Sunday!!!!!

Here is my personal choice for POTD. Ryan full tilt euro-tab over Fashion!

Ed with a dialed tire grab. This little SOB makes us all look bad haha.

Fashion lookback...Kimmel stretching and still two feet too short.

Brett with a shirtless tire tuck.

The family mid train...that's the top of Brett's head in the middle there.

Eddy with a cranked look back...probably just looks better bc of those big ass bars.

Brett with a tire toucher.

The new crazy setup at the third Only junction. This is gonna lead into a 270 berm next spring!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I dig alone, yea with nobody else

Brett, opposite table
the old sign

Asian rob, whippin it

stoner t-bog

fashion and the broken frame

Some of you will find some nice improvments as I spent the day at the trails with the hound. Built a sweet fire and listened to stars on the i pod speaks. Yesterday Ryan and I worked on the roller landing on the hip. My puppy is passed out right now at my feet because we worked so hard today. This is the best time to be at the trails of the entire year. Break up with your girlfriends and get to work!!! Ryan got too piss drunk last night to even make it out today, although we had a blast.so drunk he couldn't even talk on the way home. I cleaned up and surfaced most of Beyonce's today to get it running for all of you tomorrow. Furthermore, draining out Bumps and Bitches and sweaping that too. And that wasn't even any of the improvments i was talking about. Come one. come all tomorrow!!!!!! Let's ride for a couple hours, then finish a hip landing, drainage, and onlys 6th landing.

included are some RIP pics from the old spot i found.