Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Long Overdue Update

So its been a while but spring/summer are finally upon us here in Central PA and things are starting to go down.
Made it out to Posh for the first time (technically second time but the other time was about 12 years ago).  I wish I wasn't so busy and could make it up there more often.  That place is incredible.  Felt good to pack in a few landings and help out even if it were only just a little bit.  Happy 20th anniversary to that spot and the dudes that have been a part of it!

Some frogs chilling in a Posh puddle
 Obviously lots of digging is happening all over the place, specifically in Gtown.  Kimmel is hard at work with Yazzie getting shit dialed.  Kimmel is a shovel wizard and things seem to get better and better ever year...I don't imagine this year will be any different.  If you live in the area and have the time go lend that dude a hand before its too late to help out you should...before Kimmel has to smash your dome with a shovel like you're the star of some Youtube sensation teen girl fight.
Could easily mistake that first Gtown landing for a  lip  
Love seeing these things EVERYWHERE
That native sure shreds a mean bowl bro