Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hoochie-Haunchin with The Heathens

Go get your hoochie-haunchin BMX bike launchin good times with the fucking Heathens this Saturday! Trails are great, dudes shit talk to the max just like The 717 Family do, and there are prizes and shit to be raffled and won. What isn't there to love about that?!
Oh and they are cool with people jamming out all day...getting loose and camping out. Nothing says "God Bless America" like getting shit faced and camping out! So unless you wanna be unAmerican get to the Mountain Jam.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Massive Weekend Update!

So here is my HUGE update from the past weekend...
First off let me start by thanking all the diggers at Gtown for throwing the sickest jam to date. Kimmel, Grooms, Josh,'s the baddest mutha fuckers ALIVE!

Most of the pictures we have are from the high jump. The 717 Family was reppin' that shit with Trix being out only competition. Final four was Justin Cramer, Allan Semmont, Brett Carper, and myself (Matt Stoner). Justin ended up taking the win and never hit the height bar a single time during the course of the event. Mad heckeling took place all day and things ended with a backyard wrestling match...involving several different groups of shirtless sweaty dudes rolling about on the ground. MMA ain't got shit.
Sunday we headed home to Lancaster for an evening session at Pitney. We were hoping more people would show but it was SUPER humid and hot. Pretty miserable but managed to snag some good runs at the over-under set up that is running awesome and everyone is sending now. Josh from snagged some amazing flash photos as usual (I posted some here but check out his site or Flickr for more). Hopefully have him out a few more times this year to get some shots once more things are running. Frogger made the shitty trip from Lebanon only to get bucked about ten minutes in and the shot of his leg below shows the damage. 28 stitches later you'd never believe that he didn't even know he had cut his leg until Josh informed him he had.
All-in-all it was an incredible weekend of bikes and friends that I don't think anyone will be forgetting any time soon. Check the pictures below and enjoy! Cheers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Get ta the woods"

New shirts are out...selling like hot cakes and look sick as shit! Get em while they last. Justin Kimmel has them at the moment but get at us on here or on our Facebook page and we'll get you in touch with him to get one! $10 and they are SICK!

White and black shown below. (Also available in a real sweet Brown w/ tan print)

PA Woods Auction

Catty is auctioning off a brand new Deluxe frame (you pick the size and color if you win)on eBay. These guys NEED serious help raising money to keep their trails alive. They not only have one of, if not the, greatest trails spots in the world at the moment but they've fought long and hard to make them one of the only legitmate trail spots in the world as well. Doesn't come at no cost. We haven't done loads to help but we've gone to a few benefits for the place and will continue to do so but what really bothers me is that there are HUGE companies out there pissing away money left and right throwing worthless weekend long banger contests but they can't chip in a few bucks to help an amazing place like this stay alive. These big contests aren't what makes our renowned scenes like the one in question are what makes BMX what it is. Anyway here is the link to the auction and check out PA Woods in our links for more info on ways you can help out!

PS these frames are worth EVERY cent even when they aren't for a good cause. This one comes with two DVDs and helps out a scene that needs all the money they can get!

Update: Check this out as well!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pitney Helmet Cam

Well this weekend was insane. I'll post a full Gtown Jam update tomorrow but for now enjoy this video that Eric did today. Turned out pretty awesome!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Jam Kickoffs

I'm reposting again to remind everyone of the Gtown Summer Jam this weekend, see the flyer below and the post from a few days ago for more info.
Also posting to announce the Heathens Mountain Jam going on July 3rd. From the shots I've been seeing the trails look super good this year and the landings look steeper and gaps look bigger and shit just looks plain dialed. They were gracious enough to postpone their plans for a jam the same day as the Gtown Jam...and I definitely wanna say thanks to them for that! Go check them out in our list of links to the right and get to Lock Haven as its sure to be a good time with loads of prizes and tons of fun in the woods!
Keep checking back for a potential Pitney Woods Jam happening sometime mid-summer:)

Update: Almost forgot one!
Pulled from the Orchid site:
Our July 4th Jammy Jam is coming up soon. Thought I’d throw up an official “this is really going down” post. Here’s the 5 W’s. Spread the word…
WHO: Orchid Footwear and S&M Bikes
WHAT: July 4th Trail/Ramp Jam, BBQ, & Banned 4 Premiere
WHERE: Orchid HQ, 30 East 3rd Ave. Trappe, PA 19426
WHEN: Sunday July 4th, 3pm - 9pm
WHY: We’re kicking off an Orchid trip at the same time as S&M’s east coast trail trip. We’ll be raffling off prizes to benefit Catty Woods insurance fund. Grand prize is a helicopter ride on the spot. Yes, a helicopter will land here and take you for a spin, as soon as the winner is drawn. We’ll also have a new mini-ramp to session (skaters welcome, bring your boards) as well as a new vert wall & wooden hip.
HOW MUCH: Free to attend. $5.00 for food and $5.00 for keg access. Shoes will be on sale + Catty Woods shirts. Come out to ride, party, watch some professional maniacs, listen to bands, watch Banned 4, and show your support…
CONFIRMED PROS: Van Homan, Geoff Slattery, Matt Beringer, Brian Hunt, Randy Brown, Micky Marshall, Tony Cardona, Jeff Landtiser, Cam Wood, Brian Wizmerski, and more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Deluxe - On The Rise

As everyone probably knows by now we are big supporters of Deluxe BMX, well they have a few new products in the works and a great little interview with Mark Noble on BMX Union regarding the company. So check out the products below and the interview here:

And get at Matt Krofcheck if you need some Deluxe products! If you ride trails you seriously have no reason not too...most straight forward solid trail frame I can ever remember riding.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gtown Summer Jam

This event has seriously been happening for at least a decade and its always one of my favorite events of the year. Trails look better than ever, Ryan and Danny are going to box, band is amazing as shit, and the new 717 shirts are getting real at this shit so scrounge up five god damn dollars and get all your rat ass fucking friends out to this event. Never a let down, always a good time. Don't be a pussy.

Update: This is the 11th year for the Summer Jam. And the address is on the flyer but if anyone needs directions hit me up
And last but not least you can check out the band here... or I think the band alone is worth the price of admission!

Canyon Gap!

So this is an old photo but I just wanted to let everyone know that this fucking gap(lip on the far left landing on the right) happened today and I couldn't be more stoked! We have a video clip of the footage and even a clip of me going over Rob and Matt doing a train in Onlys! Speed for days so the shit after this is going to get real awesome real fast!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camera Mount

Matt's Dad came thru for the Family yet again! Stoner designed, Krofcheck built steady cam handle mount that'll turn your shakey handed run-of-the-mill camcorder into a legit filming rig. Matt sprayed this bad boy down with some flat black and I ordered up some hardware from McMaster-Carr today...should have this thing running by the weekend. I'll let everyone know how it goes and hopefully have some photos of the completed project up soon but it feels solid and awesome as is. Thinking about talking Matt's Dad into firing out a few more of these to put up for sale. If anyone would be interested in something like that let me know...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Onlys Video

Finally got a video of someone going all the way thru Onlys. 6th set is up and running (lip needs fixed a tiny bit but feels good). Anyway check the video.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cell Phone Update

Rob sent me these blurry cell photos of the damage he did solo at the trails yesterday (I was at the beach, what was everyone else's excuse haha). The first is a new drainage ditch to clear water from Trees line, and the second is the start of the roller after the 7th Only.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charm Photos

Just posted all the pictures from Charm on Facebook. Not in the mood to waste our trails blog with photos of Danny haha. Well here is two (but its ok cause one is me doing an approved trail trick), if you wanna see the rest friend Pitney Woods on Facebook.
Come dig tonight. Soil should be perfect...don't be a bitch.

Monday, June 7, 2010

BMX Brett Don't Play

So fuck posting riding photos from Sunday's Charm session (I have a few good ones but I'll probably just post them on Facebook and maybe some rainy day). But I am going to post the shit out of this video of Brett getting awesome as shit on Sunday. Sorry it's's just Danny's cell phone shot but I'm glad he got this gem. Let's just say a bottle of Captain, a few brews, and Kingdom Buffet don't go well. Get mystical.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This place has got to be joking. Looks unreal in most of the photos.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not as many photos from our Sunday session at Pitney because we were all too busy grooving things in. Some new things got sent, some successful some not so much. Tweaking is taking place this week so come out and lend a hand. Things are getting good though for sure.

Catty Jam

This first post from the weekend is a load of photos from Saturday's Jam at Catty. Place blows my mind every time I go for sure (and I'm not really sure why that isn't more often!). These are some of the better pics here and I have even more on Facebook. So check us out there...just look for Pitney Woods.