Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skate It

So I bought a pair of plastic pedals (made me a bit sick to my stomach to spend my hard earned dollars on such a thing) to go to this new park in Manheim called Skate It. I have heard so much shit about this park...low ceilings and all this other noise. Well I just have to say that Ryan and I had a blast. True the ceilings are way too low and there really isn't anything mind blowing at this place but I had a blast and it only cost me $5 for 2 hours. Where Ryan and I grew up we didn't have a new concrete park or even tons of street to shred like there is in this area. We had some shitty asphalt banks and dirt jumps (I hesitate to call what we built back then trails) and in later years we were lucky enough that my parents were kick-ass enough to let me build my own little skate park in the driveway (if your reading this Mom and Dad...THANK YOU!). In the dead of winter like this I'll take a mini that you can barely air without hitting rafters and some wedge ramps under a roof any day. So to anyone against that place...shut the fuck up, get on your bike, and enjoy being able to ride when there is over a foot of snow on the ground. I just want to remind everyone of a little park named Voodoo. People started dissing that place, I guess they got tired of riding the same thing after a while and stopped showing up as often and now its gone. I know this Manheim park ain't much but its something and don't let it disappear! I personally will be going Sunday evenings from now on when the weather doesn't permit for trails, which I'm sure will be happening often over the next few months. Sorry to rant but I suppose as a trail rider in a world of unappreciative little bastards its hard for me to sympathize with anyone who can't just enjoy what they have while they have it.

Turbospoke = The raddest thing to hit BMX EVER!

So who the fuck wants to buy me one of these for Christmas? I don't care if its belated...I NEED this!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I found this amusing. It was on the Pretty Shady site and I check that pretty regular cause its pretty awesome. Winter sucks. I miss the trails and I miss riding. Trip to Hackettstown or Incline Club the Monday after Christmas if anyone needs to ride as bad as we do!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Why is trail season over?!?!
I really don't have much else to say. We've been hitting the woods on Sundays for the past few weeks now and its been fun, shame it gets dark so early or I'd be there during the week for sure. Riding has pretty much come to a complete hault but digging is in full swing. We started stacking the the 270 berm in the new and improved Trees line, its going to be a TON of work but hopefully the end result will be worth it. Diggers have been few and far between but it happens, especially considering the cool conditions and lack of motivation since we won't get to enjoy the fruits of our labor until next spring. The grill is still in operation though...been cooking up grub the last few weeks and between that and a few beers cracking it makes me feel like trail season is still here. Its just great to be back in the woods with friends.

Went to Incline last Monday. That place is ridiculous. Xgames training grounds for sure. Had loads of fun and its incredible watching Justin ride that place. Got to witness my first front flip in person thanks to Scotty Cranmer...that trick is stupid seems even less real when you see it from ten feet away. Ryan somehow rode that place like a god damn concrete park, found lines where there were none. And as for Danny...well thank you dude...your endless hateful cold blooded jokes have never made me laugh so much haha. That mutha fucka is ruthless and I love it. Oh and I'm selling my bike, buying a custom razor scooter and moving to Lakewood bc that shit is the wave of the future!

Anyone who isn't a lame ass (or broke ass for that matter) reserve a seat for the next Ray's trip. At this point Kimmel and I are going for sure. Hit up Zach and Green Mountain for details.

Well that's all for now. I'll leave you with this site that I found on ESPN's blog...